Who highlighted what

Would like to know which user highlighted which sentence / sentence combination.

Granted, I can still (almost) do this in the highlighting modal by clicking the sentence highlight counter next to the each of the sentences in order to expose the highlighters. Issue with this is that when a sentence has been highlighted only once, there’s no counter. Also, in cases when there are multiple highlights, would need excellent mnemonic skills.

Would be useful to have a toggle that shows only sentences from a chosen user.

This would help with discovering new users to follow. (And potentially, we could have users upvote specific summaries.)

cc @patrick

Yup, I like this @morkof. We could consider this being the function of clicking the username under a sentence. Or a button next to the username. In the either case, the result would be a special highlight color that gets activated and all of the selected user’s highlights for the post being immediately visible.

cc @patrick

I do like the idea of a toggle to see sentences from a specific user.