Political Bias?

Is Briefly politically biased? Where does it consider itself on the political spectrum?

Good question @jamie. I don’t think we want to have an explicit bias. We’d like to earn a reputation for being informed and objective. Naturally, that will sound inherently biased to some, but that’s fine.

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I would imagine that political bias would be defined by the community. Should the community choose articles that hold political bias, Briefly.co would naturally be proportional weighted with articles of similar political leaning . Another factor would be what one chooseS to highlight; one highlights based on their interest and would likely find disagreeable information not only boring, but also feel as if lacking relevance.

Yup good points, @CallMeMICKEY. We’ll be influenced by the priorities of the community.

But we also hope to provide homes to folks that have strong political inclinations in separate locations, so they can curate content for their peers without feeling overwhelmed or otherwise frustrated by voices that don’t share their values.

For example:

Not only will these anchors tend to feature different posts by default, but also highlights to a post in one anchor (for example. ‘left wing’) will not boost the post in other anchors. So each anchor community controls the elevation of content (and individual highlights) in their own anchor.

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