Multicolored highlights

Would like to be able to express approval / disapproval when highlighting.

So perhaps 3 colors might be sufficient: redish (disapproval), greenish (approval) and yellow (neutral).

This might also increase user engagement, since users that wouldn’t normally re-highlight, might do so just in order to tip the balance (sentence score).

@jamie what do you think of this?

@morkof how would this work with distinguishing my highlights versus others?

cc: @colin

Maybe users own comment can be underlined as well @patrick,… not ideal though, so much so that I’d abandon the proposition if there isn’t a better proposal.

This is actually a super interesting idea @morkof. I guess the first question is what colors, and do we rely on color alone to indicate the emotion? Red = angry seems clear enough, but beyond that, are other colors clear?

And how we we present the color to emotion palette for people? Correlate colors to emojis? The other option is to leave it totally open and give folks a color palette without dictating the emotional meaning of colors, or without indicating that colors are supposed to correlate with emotions. But this feels like a missed opportunity to speak a language to each other with the colors.

I like making this explicit, but would like to see the idea developed more.