Contact link on the bottom of about page doesn't work

It’s here:

@Patrick do you want issues like this to appear in the forum?

yes please. Although there is a category for the forum itself.

Can you guide me @Patrick? So this is in ‘bug reports.’ But is that not what you mean?

@colin. There are categories for posts. One of those is “Forums feedback” as opposed to “bug reports” which was intended for reporting problems with the app. Maybe it could be clearer. Suggestion?

Yup I’m using the categories. Now see what you mean and switched the category to ‘forums feedback.’ I think the labeling is clear enough now that I’ve gone through it again. I think one of the issues is that ‘forums feedback’ is at the end of the list and not initially visible. So when quickly scanning the list, ‘bugs’ jumps out. I selected it quickly without even noticing that there is a ‘forums feedback’ option.

Perhaps clarify category headers? That feedback includes bugs, for
instance: About the Forums Feedback category

The light grey of this category’s color coding also makes it look inactive.